FormaMente is the official journal of GUIDE published for the first time in 2005 by the  Association of Global Universities In Distance Education. It is an  international academic publication dedicated to the multidisciplinary research  in the field of new Information and Communication Technologies.

The publication gathers original contributions  elaborated by the Association and includes articles and reviews selected from  journals concerning the digital perspective, particularly distance learning  methodologies, digital life science, applications for elearning, e-communication, networked university and mobile learning.

The review is structured in three sections with  contributions of excellence concerning scientific research activities,  technological applications, analysis of study cases and good practices.

FormaMente is a multilingual journal, published  twice a year. Its articles contain keywords and short synthesis, in English and  Italian.

FormaMente provides important reflexion points  on distance learning, IMS Learning Design, mobile learning and flexible  information models within the knowledge society.

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Deadline for submitting papers for Formamente Journal:

  • 10 April (for the year’s first issue)
  • 10 October (for the year’s second issue)

Send papers to: formamente@guideassociation.org

Deadlines for submitting articles for Digital Universities:

  • 10 February (for the year’s first issue)
  • 10 September (for the year’s second issue)

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