Antigravitational rotate live-scene as tridimensional, multiagent and cognitive educational space

Merlau-Ponty tactility and Deleuze and Guattari non-linearity are basic concepts for a real-time experimentation that we use to connect Arts, Technologies and Education. Thanks to Docebo saas that supports the research Digital space makes school. Learning and education at web 3.0 time – that involves schools (primary and secondary schools) and their ordinary activities – research is a “site specific” experience that choose schools to study how to innovate learning and teaching introducing a “tactile” use of digital spaces and to create a cognitive space integrating learning and e-learning practices. A real time scene based on tactility and non-gravity – in collaboration with Altro Equipe, is developed in new Docebo Learning Management System called “Docebo school” based on tactile method and performing and embodied methodologies.

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