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Handbook on Measuring Equity in Education – Introduction

In line with UNESCO aims since 1946, namely that education is everyone’s right, Silvia Montoya, director of the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS), promoted this handbook to encourage equity in education as an active and tangible process that can be monitored. This is exactly what we deem today as a “crucial ambition”. The handbook is organized in 6 parts, that from theoretical assumptions and methodology issues to national planning for equity in education, provides resources, both theoretical and practical, to overcome even the most common educational gaps. As stated in the introduction by Chiao-Ling (Claire) Chien, Education specialist, and Friedrich Huebler, the Head of the Education Standards and Methodology Section of the EIS, “meritocracy, minimum standards, impartiality, equality of condition and redistribution” are the pillars of a classification of measures of equity.
A rich and detailed bibliography, a plethora of graphs and structured data feature every chapter, making the handbook quite a necessary tool for experts in the field. We are pleased to publish, for divulgation purposes, the Introduction of the handbook and sincerely thank the authors for allowing us to reprint it (Note of the Italian Editor).

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