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Supporting Web-based learning through adaptive assessment

Web-based assessments can be used in different phases of education in order to support students and make learning easier and more effective for them. This support can range from the assessment of readiness for a particular educational institution, over methods which improve the learning process itself such as peer assessment, to the assessment of the progress and knowledge level by the use of performance self-assessments. For these assessments, typically tools and methods are provided, which treat all learners in the same way and adapt only a little or, in the most cases, not at all to the individual needs and characteristics of learners. In this paper, we show the potential of adaptive web-based assessment in different learning applications. Adaptive web-based assessment aims at accommodating the individual needs and characteristics of students. We introduce adaptive systems in the area of readiness self-assessment, performance self-assessment, and peer assessment. Discussion is provided on the architecture of these adaptive systems and how these systems incorporate individual differences.

Received: May 30th, 2007

Revised: June 5th, 2007

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