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From technology to relationships: the evolving profile of virtual laboratories

The increasing integration between humans and technology, the multiplying interaction modalities, the enhancement of realism, presence and immersivity; the opening to soft sciences and to new multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary fields; the relationships and cooperation element coming to the fore: these are the key issues of the huge ‘scientific research potential of virtual worlds’, as the title of a well-known Science article stated (Bainbridge, 2007). And these are also the core peculiarities of virtual laboratories of today.

Received: 16 May 2012
Revised: 3 June 2012

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The future of “Geisteswissenschaften“ between Germany and France: talking with Pierre Monnet

Is there a logic of history? Is there, beyond all the casual and incalculable elements of the separate events, something that we may call a metaphysical structure of historic humanity, something that is essentially independent of the outward forms – social, spiritual and political – which we see so clearly? (Oswald Spengler, Der Untergang des Abendlandes, 1918. English translation. The Decline of the West, 1926)

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The European Union from the Information Society to the pervasive Learning: the role of ICT

Education is not simply a technical business of well-managed information processing [..] It is a complex pursuit of fitting a culture to the needs of its members and of fitting its members and their ways of knowing to the needs of the culture. (J.S. Bruner, 1996, p. 43)

The Bruner’s statement provides the right key to understand the ongoing irreversible turning-point of the EU, which is clearly evident in official documents and community initiatives: from the dominance of the Information Society paradigm, strongly characterized by technological and technocratic concepts and based on a cybernetic notion of the information, to the raise of education and learning considered as pervasive basis of the European society, where ICT plays an essential role.

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The EnIL Observarory: a lens to focus Europe

The recent Barack Obama´s proclamation of October 2009 as national Information Literacy Awareness Month has turned the searchlight on Information Literacy (IL), which encompasses, in the words of the US President, ‘the skills necessary to acquire, collate, and evaluate information for any situation ‘to effectively navigate the Information Age’: thus ‘this new type of literacy’ has become much more crucial at this time, when the advanced Western societies, coping with the global crisis, face an essential redefinition of themselves, and an overall structural reorganization.

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