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Remote Technical Assistance to strengthen professional and economic resilience of people in war crisis A success case study by CIHEAM Bari

ABSTRACT. As part of a project to support farmers and livestock farmers living in extremely vulnerable areas in Syria, professional online technical assistance was undertaken despite considerable limitations caused by serious emergency situations. A careful analysis of exogenous (e. g. social, economic and technological context) and endogenous factors (virtual communities, cognitive needs, motivation, expectations, etc.) has been the basis (diagnostics) for the appropriate methodological and technological choices. Given the context, this paper highlights the importance of solutions related to the major aspects of inclusive teaching, methodologies and technologies suitable for adult training courses.

In conclusion, the analysis of the final evaluation data of one of the courses provided substantiates the effectiveness of this activity.

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Technology and Education: adaptation of TPACK model in the LMS adopted by CIHEAM IAMB

The LMS seems the most favourable solution for the application of different but complementary types of knowledge useful for technology based instruction. To test this assumption, the TPACK model was applied to the LMS adopted by CIHEAM Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari IAMB after a ten year experience of eLearning focused on the collaborative approach. Based on the experience carried out by MAIB, it results that the selected LMS Claroline is compatible with the philosophy expressed in the TPACK model, as it is equipped with appropriate tools to meet the teacher needs in the application of the pedagogical knowledge, content knowledge and technological knowledge. Moreover, in this article, the above knowledge is identified and localized in the selected platform to understand whether and how is the TPACK model suitable for this particular environment.

Received 21 February 2013
Revised 1 March 2013

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Effects of the tutor and of the recovery period on exchange dynamics in the forums of an e-learning course

A very important aspect of the ‘collaborative’ learning model is the interaction in the discussion Forum within e-learning platforms. Actually in this space participants can send their contributions (posts) thus solving their problems and questions, they express comments and increase their knowledge through their personal experiences (constructivist model). The figure that plays a major role in this area is the tutor who acts as the animator and facilitator of group interactive processes. This paper reports on the outcome of a quantitative analysis on the influence of tutor´s activity and ‘recovery periods’ on exchange dynamics in the forums of participants within a case study of a two-month e-learning course organised by MAIB.

Received: 22 October 2010
Revised: 17 November 2010

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