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Good practices in honors education

In the Special Issue entitled Good Practices in Honors Education, “The Journal of the European Honors Council” devoted its first number of the third volume to the pivotal topic of education, and in particular to its practices and honors programs in higher learning. The issue’s aim is aligned with EHC’s purposes. In fact, they both express a collaborative view about education, which is able to foster students’ professional development, and more generally, to share knowledge about these applications in order to support, inspire and inform all the actors involved in honors. Maarten Hogenstijn, Coordinating Editor JEHC, introduces us to the reading of nine examples of good practices, with a view to encouraging a mutual sharing of knowledge among different countries.
We are pleased to publish, for divulgation purposes, the Introduction to this Issue and sincerely thank the author for allowing us to reprint it (Note of the Italian Editor).

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