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Quando le politiche sono creative? Il lavoro tra vecchi e nuovi processi

ABSTRACT. In recent years we are witnessing the increasingly widespread presence of creative works. As this happens, the situations in which work is increasingly less protected and increasingly poor and precarious increase. The concept of creativity applied to work and public policies therefore seems to bring into play social dynamics linked to the different distribution of power between social parties, between new forms of capital and work.
Public policies on their part also promote forms of activation outside a broader dynamic of social emancipation. This type of intervention does not act on the reduction of inequalities and seems to benefit only the strongest. Reference will be made to a case study conducted in the Puglia region in 2016 to analyze the impact of creative policies on the autonomy and welfare paths of young Apulian adults. This typological sample gives the possibility to hypothesize a sociological inference on the rest of the Italian population.

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