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Monitorización de la red social en la plataforma educativa de la UOC: Sistema Xarxa-UOC

En la Universitat Oberta de Catalonia (UOC), estamos trabajando para la evolución de nuestro modelo educativo actual, integrando la innovación como un elemento propio del sistema.

Revised version of the paper presented at GUIDE International Workshop Rome, 19-19 March 2010, Rome, Italy. // Reprinted with permission.

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Teleoperation of an experimental platform of electrical machines through the Internet

Remote access to equipment through the Internet becomes an attractive research area. Most current implementations are dedicated to specific applications, such as the remote laboratory. A remote laboratory offers cost-effective and flexible means for distance learning education and remote experimentation, where students and scientists share the remote access to physical experiments. This paper presents the implementation of an experimental platform of induction motor through the Internet, having the following important features: easy implementation based on software and hardware; help based on IP telephony; use of several computers to distribute the tasks. The developed scheme is versatile and robust, allowing the different control and observer actions remotely through the Internet.

Article originally published in “IJOE-International Journal of Online Engineering“, V.4, (2008), n.1, pp. 26-31. // Reprinted with permission.

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