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Creatività, inclusione, educazione linguistica democratica – Da Giambattista Vico a Tullio De Mauro

ABSTRACT. The article explores Vico’s reflection on symbolic creativity and the connection between this meditation and Italian contemporary democratic process, especially in the school system and in the linguistic pedagogical principles introduced by Tullio De Mauro and the Giscel (Italian Teachers Association for a democratic linguistic pedagogy). The paper relies on previous research on the Scienza nuova’s conception of plurisemiotism and its specific historical evolution triggered by the political struggles between the upper class – originally the patres – and the dominated class, the “famoli” (Brook, Fortuna 2018). I argue that Vico’s thought on these issues deeply influenced the Italian 1968’s social movements and made possible the introduction of three fundamental laws for Italian democratization (Codignola, 1969; Falcucci, 1977; Basaglia, 1978).

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