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Vocabulary Development – Preface

It is not surprising that vocabulary is a learning tool that allows us to access conceptual knowledge. It is not surprising either that knowledge and richness provided by vocabulary pave the way to understanding or that the meaning of a word is determined by the context.
This collection of 9 essays, written between 2018 and 2019 and published in the journal “Education Sciences”, introduces new paradigms of theoretical reflection and likewise highlights innovative teaching practices. From a theoretical view, the complexity of the matter focuses on the continuum from word knowledge to its absence. As the authors point out in the Preface: “Readers who know a word in its fullest sense can associate experiences and concepts with it and continue the life-long process of word learning”. The Special Issue Vocabulary Development is edited by distinguished experts in the field, that are also the authors of the Preface: Timothy Rasinski and William H. Rupley.
Timothy Rasinski is Professor of Literacy Education at the Kent State University and director of its award winning reading clinic; William H. Rupley is Professor, Distinguish Research Fellow, and a Regents Scholar in the department of Teaching, Learning, and Culture, College of Education and Human Development at Texas A&M University and Editor-in-Chief of “Reading Psychology: An International Journal”. We are pleased to publish, for divulgation purposes, the Preface to this Issue and sincerely thank the authors for allowing us to reprint it (Note of the Italian Editor).

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