Convergencia con Europa y cambio en la universidad. Los profesores y las nuevas tecnologías como elementos clave en el nuevo modelo de aprendizaje del Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior

The author of this paper makes a sociological reflection based on the institutional and organizational analysis of the Spanish university facing up to the challenge of the new European Space for Higher Education (ESHE), focusing in professors and new technologies as key issues of transformation. The author maintains that the bet on building “strong and competitive universities for a strong Europe”, to be successful in an environment of “ambivalences” and “threats” as result of the liberal information society model and knowledge economy development, requires new strategies of transformation and a suitable change management; both in the incorporation of the new information and communication technologies, as in the adoption of the new pedagogical paradigm based on learning.

Article originally appeared in: “Edutec. Revista Electrónica de Tecnología Educativa”, n. 20, January 2006. Reprinted with permission of the autor and the publisher

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