This issue of Formamente, published near the days of Apollo 11 anniversary, 50 years after Armstrong’s venture to the moon, underlines the technological boost triggered by space missions, affecting almost all fields of knowledge and society.

In the Research section The metropolitan question in Italy is an emblematic case of a project that makes academic training interact with local social-economic realities and intermodal transportation. The evolution of the metropolitan city seems to be a problem concerning solely political relations between the central and peripheral authorities. However, it implements, according to 2014-2016 Cohesion Policy and 2016 Urban Agenda, a program that puts in relation all the actors involved in the knowledge of metropolitan economy that is characterized by dynamic transport technologies e.g.: airports, tram tracks, high speed, local and regional traffic.

In the Applications section, the paper The cyber security impacts on geopolitics tackles the cyber issue and especially how this is turning into a gradually more severe threat for nations, enterprises and citizens, on a daily basis. During the Cold War, in the 50’s, only a few countries had the economic and technological resources to increase their cyber warfare capabilities. Nowadays, a growing number of countries have offensive cyber technology and can likewise buy malicious software.

In the same section, there is another contribution, almost complementary to the latter, in terms of threatening political scenario they both deal with. In this, the transversal and interdisciplinary teaching approach, according to which different authoritarianisms and totalitarianisms of the 20th are addressed, is quite valuable.

The Highlights section hosts recent publications and conferences. It is an invitation to read that goes from Epistemic Game Theory and Logic to Creativity, and from the disorder deriving from a bad use of technology in Internet Mobile Phone addiction to the selection of Good practices in honors education.

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