This issue of Formamente presents a wide range of contributions related to Social and Human Sciences. Papers tackle issues concerning lifelong learning in general, also focusing on open and distance education in Northern European countries, as well as in Mediterranean ones.
In the Research section, project SHARPEN, carried out by 5 European Countries as a collaborative cross-regions survey, is discussed. Between 2016 and 2019, the project investigated the characteristics of Small and Medium Enterprises in the region of Western Saxony, in an effort to enhance Human Resource Management practices in rural areas. Thanks to innovative theoretical approaches and to practical working methods in SMEs, SHARPEN allowed students to experiment new forms of interactive learning, thus becoming itself one of the models that European SMEs could implement.
In addition, it is worth noting that in a quite globalised world where metanarratives collapsed long ago, the economy increasingly needs to develop concrete policies at either regional or local level and likewise to explore new possibilities provided by different dimensions of openness.
Finally, applying a hands-on approach to the learning process represents the major goal of UNESCO with respect to its recent Handbook on Measuring Equity in Education, which can be considered complementary to the Special Issue Vocabulary Development, published online in the open access journal “Education Sciences”.

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