Google’s GSuite applications in Open University system’s perspective

ABSTRACT. Online Learning is one of the needed requirement for distance education. Electronic learning plays a vital role in education nowadays. Electronic learning with the use of computers plays an important role in modern education. Its contribution lies in the fact that content is available at any place and device from a fixed device to mobile device. The requirement of the PSU Open University Systems to conduct blended learning is a learning management systems or another platform that is available online. Google released tools available under GSuite for Education. Since 2012, Pangasinan State University is subscribed to GSuite for Education, and recently Google introduces several applications for an educational institution such as the Classroom. The main objective of this research is to identify the usability and evaluation based on the teacher’s perspective on the use of GSuite applications such as Google Classroom, Hangouts, and other application.

This study also measures the problems encountered and the satisfaction level in the use of applications based on the result of the study, the respondents agreed that GSuite application such as Classroom and Hangouts is recommended to use as a tool in blended learning education, but it was found out that the applications are all suitable to the needs of the Open University Systems. The result of this study is significant in order to adopt the GSuite application only in the blended learning approach for Open University Systems.

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