Modelos flexibles como respuestas de las universidades a la sociedad de la información

In the contemporary Information Society there’s a need to adopt flexible teaching and learning models as a response of Higher Education Institutions to the inner changes of present society, changes connected to the development of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). The author considers several contributions, made by researchers in the subject, and exposes his own point f view as a product of his theoretical elaboration and systematization of his experience in the field. The paper has a four parts structure about: the need to incorporate the ICT’s into Higher Education; the need for universities to respond to globalization; the challenge of making several areas of university institutions flexible; the concept, characteristics and implications of flexible teaching and learning models.

Article originally published in: “Accion Pedagogica”, 11(2002), n. 1, pp. 4-13. Reprinted with permission.

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