New Media and Learning in the 21st Century

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A historical perspective make visible the fundamental changes linked to the use of New Media in learning and the impact of IT in learning institutions organization. The two decades after the personal computer and networked learning revolution were caracterized by resistance to change. Nevertheless, nowaday IT has reached a remarkable role, and the way in which Universities adopt the latest generation of infrastructure for teaching and learning will make the difference between institutions and build their prestige in the future. It is crucial to create institutional responses for a new generation of learners that are fully engaged with technologies. Institutions still have to learn how to optimize the use of IT not only for teaching and learning but also for research and to develop creativity in several fields from art to science, from medical experimeand change while for students the use of IT for all sort of activieties is already felt as natural.

Article originally appeared in: “EDUCAUSE Review”, V. 41, n. 1, Jan.-Feb. 2006, Republished with permission.

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