Problemi paleografici e linguistici in tocario – Figure etimologiche e hapax legomena

ABSTRACT. In the domain of Indo-European linguistics, Tocharian is now playing a more important role, which has been favoured by the increasing availability of the texts. The present article examines the concept of “creativity” in historical linguistics, by analysing palaeographic and linguistic matters related to hapax legomena, emendations, and conjectural readings in Tocharian manuscripts. The goals of this short paper are twofold: (1) on the one hand, it aims to provide a new reading of the line b4 in the Tocharian B fragment B530 and comment on the new discovered word TB nekīta ‘±destroyer’; (2) on the other hand, it is finalised at analysing the apparent irregularities of the paradigm of TB pīto ‘price, cost’.

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