Reschooling society and the promise of ee-Learning: an interview with Steve Eskow

Steve Eskow is president of the Pangaea Network (, an organization currently working on education and economic development in Africa. He was formerly president of the Electronic University Network (//, one of the earliest online learning consortia, and throughout his career he has contributed to the growth of continuing education, distance learning programs, and the implementation of online technology in higher education at large. During his twenty-year tenure as president of SUNY Rockland Community College (, Eskow helped transform the institution into a primary provider of nontraditional education in the state of New York. He has also founded two organizations – the College Consortium of International Studies – CCIS ( and the International Partnership for Service Learning and Leadership – IPSL ( – that provide study abroad and international service opportunities to students across the United States. Meanwhile, in addition to his various publications on distance learning and online education, Eskow continues to serve as a frequent conference speaker and workshop leader on these and other related topics. As guest editor of this special issue of Innovate, Eskow granted me an insightful interview in which we discussed ee-learning, its relevance to various theories of learning, and the promise it holds for revitalizing educational practice in the academy.

Article originally published in: ‘Innovate’, V.3 (2007), issue 6. // – Reprinted with permission of the publisher, The Fischler School of Education and Human Services at Nova Southeastern University.

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