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Bridging the gap between academia and industry through user-centred training

Bridging the Gap is a project-based online track within TU-Towson University’s undergraduate curriculum that will provide industry and theoretical background through a module-based e-learning environment. Bridging the Gap will develop and enhance TU’s existing IT courses with the addition of self-paced e-learning modules and hands-on industry projects. The project will assist faculty members with developing and administering class assignments by utilizing modulated project repository and providing them with continuous real-time technology updates, required skill sets and knowledge of industry trends. The business community will also benefit from the User Centred Software Engineering and Web Technology Lab; the lab will serve as a test bed for industry applications. Active collaboration with industry will result in the development of new research initiatives for undergraduate and graduate students while, at the same time, helping them develop real-world skill sets to compliment what they will learn through self-paced e-learning modules. Bridging the Gap’s approach will lead to the development of a project-based course curriculum, which will benefit the students, TU and other universities, and ultimately the IT industry.

Received: 4th June 2008

Revised: 23rd September 2008

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