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Dal labor all’opus – Il potere della trasformazione nell’opera d’arte

ABSTRACT. This paper intends to dwell on the power of creative transformation that makes use of the principle according to which the expectation of the observer always influences the matter (substance), that is the external reality of things. The intention is to demonstrate, starting from the concept of labor – to then come to that of opus – as the three guiding criteria of an artwork, which are: harmony, or the coherence between the parts of a whole; the intensity, understood as the depth and expression of the soul; and continuity as a sign that remains and that indicates the future content, are elements not at all obvious, above all when one looks at an artwork not in terms of integrity but of “judging” surface. The following reflection arose from these three questions: How can a work of art be the fruit of a perfect creation? How do you go from a laborious job to a creative work? Where does the power of creative transformation lie? The answers were many, perhaps too many, but on the last one I received only this answer: With a shift (of thought) from the struggle to the solution and with a shift (of vision) on the value of the artwork itself.

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