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La creatività nell’alto medioevo – Limiti e potenzialità

ABSTRACT. This contribution discusses the problem of the creativity in the written production of the Early Middle Age between the end of the VIII century and the IX century. The first part is dedicated to the analyse of how the intellectuals reflected about the creative processes in relationship to the functions developed by the soul. Then it is shown that – even if the culture of the Early Middle Age does not produce systematic reflections on the role of the author – the intellectuals express a profound self-consciousness in relationship to their work as individuals and in relation to the society. The second part considers the concept of novitas. It is shown how – even though this word has a strong negative value in the early medieval thinking – that does not prevent the authors from producing works of undeniable innovative character. The ability to act in this sense was strictly tied to the possibility to carry out innovations on condition that they remain inside a well-defined formal frame. The case specifically analysed deals with the rewriting of the Vita Remigii by the archbishop Hincmar at the end of the IX century.

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