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Sviluppare il pensiero computazionale e la creatività nella scuola primaria – Un’analisi sistematica della letteratura

ABSTRACT. Since 2006, the year in which Jeannette Wing published her well-known seminal article, interest in developing programs of Computational Thinking in primary school has progressively grown. This concept does not rely exclusively on coding activities; it rather deals with problem solving activities, and therefore regarding creative thought processes. Furthermore, it can also be seen as a way to express oneself creatively. As computational thinking and creativity overlap in several ways, this paper aims to highlight teaching practices and learning frameworks used to support the development of both computational and creative thinking skills in primary level education students, by analyzing four scientific papers coming from a larger systematic review about computational thinking in primary school. Though to a different extent, depending of the specific methodology adopted, the papers show how the development of computational thinking enhances creativity as well, providing indications for integrated activities in primary school curricula.

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