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Towards a domain model for integrating competence frameworks into learning platforms

Since adoption of the Europe-wide university-reform called Bologna Process, each accredited study path, module, or course has to be provided with a summary of the conveyed competences. Until now, this additional information had little effect on the comparability of learning content, because competences are usually described in form of free text. This leaves too much room for interpretation and misunderstandings. Standardized, machine-readable taxonomies are promising alternatives, especially in combination with so-called Competence Frameworks (CFs). In this article, we introduce the Competence Based Learning Model (CBLM). Its development starts with a specific solution for the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF)  and arrives to the creation of a generalized e-CF-independent version. The resulting CBLM is the basis for our two prototypical implementations – an extension for the learning platform Ecosystem Portal (EP) and a plugin for the Learning Management System (LMS) Moodle which extends its CBE-functionality introduced with release v3.1. A short summary and an outlook on future development conclude this article which succeeds our conference paper presented at the IX International GUIDE Conference.

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Competency-based education: leveraging educational technology to support emerging economic demands

The rapidly changing landscape of the economy and technology demands an innovative lens through which to view the educational needs for the future. If deployed effectively, technological applications can enable students to learn independently of time and space and the monopoly of traditional seat-time requirements may need to be supplemented with models that support a broadening student profile. In some universities, a robust online learning resource and the employment of learning analytics has been found to foster student retention and improve completion rates. This paper will explore a competency-based higher education model in the context of the Bologna Process within the European Higher Education Area.

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