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iPod forensics

The iPod is one of the most popular digital music devices in today’s marketplace. The newest versions of the iPod have become more PDA/storage like than ever before. With this new functionality the iPod has recently found its way into the criminal world. With the continued growth of the digital music device market, the iPod’s use in criminal activity will only continue to increase. This paper discusses some of the features of the iPod and how a criminal could use them. A literature review found little or no documentation or discussion on the forensic analysis of the iPod or similar devices. Therefore, this research outlines what should be considered when an iPod is found at the crime scene, and offers a critical analysis of some common forensic tools and their ability to collect and analyze data from an iPod. Suggestions for future research are also provided.

Article originally appeared in: “International Journal of Digital Evidence, V. 4(2005), n. 2. Reprinted with permission of the authors and the publisher

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Text-based conferencing: features vs. functionality

This report examines three text-based conferencing products: WowBB, Invision Power Board, and vBulletin. Their selection was prompted by a feature-by-feature comparison of the same products on the WowBB website. The comparison chart painted a misleading impression of WowBB’s features in relation to the other two products; so the evaluation team undertook a more comprehensive and impartial comparison using the categories and criteria for online software evaluation developed by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD). The findings are summarised in terms of the softwares’ pricing, common features or functions, and differentiating features.

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