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Added value of teaching in a virtual world

The lack of ICT use in teaching is a predominant issue in secondary schools throughout Europe. The AVATAR project (Added Value of teAching in a virTuAl world) provides an opportunity for both teachers and students to benefit from ICT skill development, social learning opportunities and a resource to help revive the traditional classroom environment, adding value to the learning process. V-learning actually promotes learning-by-doing that stimulates different learning styles and increases the level of student engagement in different subject matters through technology, discussion groups and labs.
This article describes how the project contributes to enhance the level of ICT use in education by providing secondary school teachers with relatively new methodological and pedagogical tools. Virtual worlds can be used as an innovative teaching tool that motivates and engages pupils and at the same time enhances their learning by incorporating a collaborative learning, a learning through reflection and a learning by doing approach. Virtual worlds offer opportunities for teachers to have radically different ‘lived experiences’ of educational systems and thus seemed to be the ideal vehicle for exploring alternative models of education.

Methodology and Technology – Knowledge based approach for e-learning in the future networks of distance education

E-learning is characterised by the latest forms of technology and methodology. The future development of e-learning will find its expression in the transfer to the knowledge based e-learning. Especially technology and methodology will influence the further process by many innovations balanced with the improvement of the organisation and social life. The future development will be focused on networking, in order to be able to control efficient solutions of very complex problems. The future networks for distance education will be driven by the latest methodologies and technologies and based on knowledge transfer for e-learning in the framework of the systemic approach.

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