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Wearable technology and schools: where are we and where do we go from here?

ABSTRACT. The area of wearable technology is having a rapidly growing impact on society with more consumers purchasing wearable tech. At the same time, wearable technology seems to be poised to have an impact on educational settings. This paper explores the area of wearable technology related to schools. It considers how wearable technology can be used by teachers to improve instruction and by students to change how they interact with the school environment. Wearable technology applications are currently being implemented as part of the curriculum in schools were they are identified and discussed. To conclude, traits and skills that school leaders need to exhibit for a wearable technology initiative to be successfully implemented are proposed. Wearable technology has the potential to impact schools in the same way computers and mobile devices do today. This paper does not set out to provide answers but it is designed to create discussions about wearable technology and schools.

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