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Tools for job rotation integrating access to vocational training

This paper presents a Job Rotation management tool, and the method in which the architecture of Grid/Web Services can compose a knowledge Grid to facilitate access to vocational training courses, and, in this way, provide an integrated solution for both employers and employment seekers. The Job Rotation tool is implemented as an online e-service, that brings together training policies and employment policies. This tool not only assists businesses in finding employee training resources, but it also helps them by filling in the positions of the employees who are being trained. The aforementioned positions are temporarily covered by people who are unemployed. All transactions take place automatically through the service. Without human intervention, the qualifications of the fill-ins are matched to the needs of the companies, and several recorded criteria are considered before the final choice is made. It is a win-win strategy, where all parties involved (the unemployed who state their interest, and the companies that accept to employ them) are benefited. The Grid/Web Services architecture provides up-to-date and verified information, directly from the offering organizations, reducing, in this way, administrative costs for the Job Rotation e-service.

Article originally published in ‘International Journal of Simulation: Systems, Science & Technology’, V. 8 (2007), n. 2, pp. 37-44 //ducati.doc.ntu.ac.uk/uksim/journal/Vol-8/No-2/cover.html¬†– Reprinted with permission.

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