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Lo storico e le sue immagini

ABSTRACT. Can historian be a creative? Can the writing of history be creative? With respect to present and past historiography, the ambiguous relationship between history and creativity encompasses the historian’s professional and the purpose of his narrative, namely the account of events as they occurred (Ranke), along with the acquisition of historical truth. The ambiguity of the term creation seems to jeopardize the scientific status of historical disciplines. Actually, modern historiography moulded historical sciences after concepts like re-construction, com-prehension and re-description. Such concepts do not put in contrast the reliability of a fact with imagination or creative intuition. From the affinity between artist and historian in Humboldt’s view, to White’s theory of history intended as narrative, historical disciplines claim their scientific status in terms of comprehension and representation of reality. In short, they claim a kind of science that link interpretation of sources with linguistic and narrative mechanisms.

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