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Tessere la creatività – Educazione, storia della pedagogia e futuro

ABSTRACT. The brief essay proposes a critical analysis of the use of “creativity” in the field of education. Which are the different meanings assumed by this concept, when it moves from a specific context to another one? Which is the semantic field of “creativity” that we have received from our tradition? And, today, how far are we gone from this familiar land, dragged away by the pressure of a new powerful rhetoric? In the first part, the essay stresses the importance of an interdisciplinary approach for facing the complex history of “creativity” as a concept rooted in our plural tradition. The second part is devoted to the understanding of the framework created by different European documents, among which the relevant Council Recommendation of 22 May 2018 on key competences for lifelong learning. In the current use of “creativity”, a distinct loss of the richness traditionally linked to this concept can be detected. In the third part, a specific approach rooted in our humanistic tradition is proposed, to offer a different image of creativity for thinking education.

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