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The organizational dynamics of knowledge and IT-enabled innovations

The paper presents an integrated framework for IT-enabled organizational innovations. The framework highlights the factors that affect the effective introduction of knowledge and information systems to become organizational innovations. It conceptualizes the innovation process as an open system and takes into consideration knowledge management and performance evaluation. The rationale for this framework is that because of the narrow scope of current frameworks, managers and IT personnel often fail to see the whole picture of their organizations. This difficulty reduces managers´ ability to understand the interrelationships between IT-based innovations and business processes. Consequently, introducing IT/IS into an organizational context doesn´t achieve its intended objectives and often fails entirely. The framework will be useful to managers in their efforts to transform their organizational operations with the use of IT applications.

© 2010 The Author. Article originally published in ‘Journal of Technology Research’, V. 2 (2010), //aabri.com/manuscripts/10524.pdf
Reprinted with permission

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New media, publishing in the humanities, and CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture

In his paper, Steven Tötösy de Zepetnek (University of Halle-Wittenberg and Purdue University) discusses selected aspects of new media and scholarship and publishing in the humanities. The wider context of the paper is the intersection of globalization, the situation of the humanities, the teaching and study of literature, and their relationship and increasing dependence on new media technology, and how this situation impacts the humanities today while the humanities remains cautious and even reluctant with regard to publishing scholarship online. Starting with a brief introduction and argumentation of the pedagogical values of new media technology and its parallel implications for higher education, Tötösy is drawing on the example of the Purdue University peer-reviewed, full-text, and open-access journal “CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture” (ISSN 1481-4373 – //clcwebjournal.lib.purdue.edu) to present aspects of the said situation of new media and publishing in the humanities.

Received: 21st February, 2007
Revised: 7th March, 2007

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