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Ontology of learning objects repository for pedagogical knowledge sharing

Ontology has been receiving considerable attention in the learning objects research community. This paper discusses the key concepts of ontology of learning objects repository and proposes an ontological model for pedagogical knowledge sharing. The ontological model specifies a generic organizational structure for learning objects repository based on pedagogical design categories. An ontology that actualizes such a structure allows the user of the learning objects repository to play an active role in pedagogical development through searching semantically relevant learning objects. An example of ontology for pedagogical knowledge sharing is used to illustrate the concepts of the development and use of ontologies of learning objects repository.

Article originally published in “Interdisciplinary Journal of E-Learning and Learning Objects“ (formerly the “Interdisciplinary Journal of Knowledge and Learning Objects“), V. 4 (2008), //ijklo.org/ Reprinted with permission.

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Open Source 2010: reflections on 2007

Much has happened since the 2004 prognostications of my EDUCAUSE Review article “Open Source 2007: How Did This Happen?” (Wheeler, 2004). The article peered into the future through the lens of two possible outcomes for open-source application software by 2007. In the first scenario, higher education and commercial firms overcame many challenges to evolve a new “community source” model for developing and sustaining enterprise-scale, quality software. In the second scenario, the obstacles for collaboration and coordination of investments were simply too great: institutions could not find ways to agree. The article thesis asserted that the actual outcome for 2007 would reflect the collective actions of colleges and universities. For those of us in higher education, it was our outcome to choose …

Article originally appeared in: “EDUCAUSE Review”, V. 42(2007), n. 1, pp. 48-67