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The contribution of linguistics towards transdisciplinarity in organizational discourse

This article focuses on the potential of linguistics to produce mode-2 knowledge in organizational discourse (OD) as a field of study. Mode-2 knowledge is an organizational´s means to perform more productively. The realization of this potential, rests with both linguistics and organizational scholars. Linguistics can contribute by informing organizational scholars of the metirs of post-classical linguistics which has been increasingly adopting a transdisciplinary perspective through viewing language as integrated with society and world knowledge. Organizational scholars, on the other hand, can contribute by changing their attitude towards linguistics from perceiving it as a vague, chaotic and resistive to accepting it as reliable, orderly and supportive. However, to a large extent, the ‘marriage’between linguistics and ODL is, inevitably, a political issue.

Article originally published in ‘International Journal of Transdisciplinary Research’, V.4(2009), n.1, Reprinted with permission

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