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Digital video, presence and pedagogy

As universities face up to new economic conditions and technological developments, digital technologies and video in particular are seen as a means by which mass higher and pre-professional education can be “delivered” at comparatively low cost. The introduction of video is often accompanied by powerful rhetorics of “excellence”, “openness” and “student-centred learning” but these often simultaneously diminish the importance of pedagogy, reducing teachers to technicians and students to consumers of online content. In this paper I will draw on a series of recent research and development projects in UK higher education and discuss how Deleuzo-Guattarian perspectives on learning and design make it possible to use web technologies and digital video within novel and emancipatory pedagogies.

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Beyond the tipping point: American higher education in transition

For more than two decades experts have predicted that the US higher education system was headed toward systemic change. Many signs now point to a conclusion that we have reached that inflection point. The severe economic downturn of the past six years, combined with major demographic shifts and dislocating technological change, have exposed serious structural weaknesses in the US system that pose significant threats to all but elite tier institutions. This paper examines the current state of US higher education in light of these forces. It discusses the implications of innovative technologies and practices, as well as how institutions might use them to adapt and thrive in a higher education world turned upside-down.

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How MOOCs Present massive opportunities for research on learning

The “massive” in MOOCs has been limited so far to the number of people enrolled. Little understood or explored is the potential for the analysis of massive amounts of data on learning across thousands of learners. This presentation describes the data being collected by one early university partner in Coursera, how it is being used, and the plans to expand that use beyond what is currently being provided by Coursera. It will also describe the current barriers to more detailed research, what can be done to remove those barriers, and potential of MOOCs to advance learning research beyond existing perceptions of what can be achieved.

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