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Online discussion forums: a tool for stimulating language teachers’ interaction and reflection

Teachers’ approaches and decisions in the classroom are guided by their beliefs on what it means to teach and to learn, which are formed along their lives both as students and as teachers. (…) Considering the importance of reflection in teacher education, in this paper, we discuss the interactive potential of online discussion forums in a graduate course to foster language teachers’ reflection of their beliefs and classroom practices. (…)The findings point out that understanding, interpreting and confronting beliefs can be a path to the transformation of teachers’ reflective and teaching practices. When contrasting their beliefs with other people’s beliefs, teachers can trigger a process of self-analysis of their roles as language teachers. They also emphasize that the use of online discussion forums as a pedagogical tool can contribute in this direction.

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Development of authoring tools for online-courses with assignments

Today’s workforce faces a dynamic world with changing occupations, tasks, and demanding technologies – forcing people to adapt their skills and competences permanently to new requirements. Many achieve further qualifications in parallel to their working careers, often without adequate support or suitable educational institutions. Competence-based learning (CBL) aims for including formal and informal learning into everyday life: at the workplace or during leisure activities.

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