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How MOOCs Present massive opportunities for research on learning

The “massive” in MOOCs has been limited so far to the number of people enrolled. Little understood or explored is the potential for the analysis of massive amounts of data on learning across thousands of learners. This presentation describes the data being collected by one early university partner in Coursera, how it is being used, and the plans to expand that use beyond what is currently being provided by Coursera. It will also describe the current barriers to more detailed research, what can be done to remove those barriers, and potential of MOOCs to advance learning research beyond existing perceptions of what can be achieved.

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OER, Resources for learning – Experiences from an OER Project in Sweden

This article aims to share experience from a Swedish project on the introduction and implementation of Open Educational Resources (OER) in higher education with both national and international perspectives. The project, OER – resources for learning, was part of the National Library of Sweden Open Access initiative and aimed at exploring, raising awareness of and disseminating the use of OER and the resulting pedagogical advantages for teaching and learning. Central to the project’s activities were a series of regional seminars which all featured a combination of multi-site meetings combined with online participation. This combination proved highly successful and extended the reach of the project. In total the project reached around 1000 participants at its events and many more have seen the recorded sessions.

Article first published in “European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning”, 2012/II, ©Ebba Ossiannilsson, Alastair M. Creelman. Reprinted with permission.

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