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Usage of OSS in multimedia courses: OUM experience

The paper will share the experience of using the Open Source Software (OSS) in teaching multimedia courses at Open University Malaysia (OUM). OSS has been introduced because of technology, costing and legal implication factors in which these aspects assist in reducing the digital divide among OUM learners, particularly in rural area. Three multimedia courses namely Audio Technology in Multimedia, Video Technology in Multimedia and 3D Animation had adapted the usages of the software started in Semester September 2005. Audacity, Anim8or and GIMP are some of the software integrated in the multimedia courses. The university had integrated these multimedia software to its own live DVD distro which was developed on Ubuntu platform. Issues and challenges such as the OSS function capability, comparison of OSS and proprietary software, costing, tutors expertise, technology variety and mindset change among instructors and learners will be discussed in this paper.

Received: 10th June 2008

Revised: 3rd September 2008

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