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Un particolare caso di creatività morfosintattica – Due paradigmi di passato sovraccomposto in sardo moderno

ABSTRACT. This paper aims to describe the uses of over-compound tenses in the dialects of Sardinia. As we knew (Pittau 1972, p. 112 and 156-157 and Jones 1993, p. 308) over-compound tenses are used especially in counterfactual clauses. My data (Pisano, 2010; 2016; 2018) showed that these structures can be also used in the generic expression of unreality in optative clauses. Even if previous descriptions were based on data from the Nuorese area dialects, my fieldworks (Pisano, 2010; 2016) have shown that over-compound tenses are also present in some dialects of the north of Logudoro. A paradigm of an over-compound past tense is attested also in the south of Sardinia (Pisano, 2016). In this group of varieties, however, this structure displays only an experiential value. As a matter of fact, the insertion of the extra past participle is not possible in the expression of punctual action.

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