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Creatività e professioni – Percorsi formativi e profili professionali

ABSTRACT. As highlighted in the recent Symbola Report, the contribution of an effective policy system must not be limited to the classic financial support of the sector, but rather to structure governance actions of the interdependencies and positive externalities of the sector, repositioning the strategic role of the same to the internal of the Lisbon Agenda, enhancing investment in creativity, encouraging the production, distribution and consumption of cultural and creative activities, promoting training activities for cultural and creative practice. In this context, the central and strategic role of the AFAM Institutions (High artistic musical and dance training) is placed, as a central context for training in this sector and for the development of increasingly useful and spendable skills in the labor market and in the field of the creative professions. Only study paths constantly linked to the continuous emergence of new creative professions will be able to create added value for the internal productive and economic system of the country. The present contribution presents the features and evolution of the AFAM system, analyzed with particular reference to courses in the field of creative and performing professions: design, fashion, artistic design for the company.

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