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Beehive challenges to reinforce Asian University entrepreneurship

ABSTRACT. Two significant National Reports (Indonesia and Philippines) came out from the documentary and field work researches that had actively involved Asian academic clusters within the international venture Beehive. Feedback received witnesses that University entrepreneurship is certainly considered important in both clusters even if it is evident that there is no a unique model or strategy for the University to embed entrepreneurial approach into the academic management and learning offer. The initiative, guided by the University of Varna, has been funded by the European programme Erasmus + KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices (Capacity Building in Higher Education). The project aims at building sustainable university-based entrepreneurial ecosystems in Asian Higher Education Institutions to enhance students’ and graduates’ entrepreneurial and innovation skills and then ability to create jobs. Partners during the project life will build up sustainable entrepreneurial university ecosystems by establishing and embedding start-up accelerators with a business start-up support services for students. Finally, the involved universities will be committed to achieve a specific quality label certifying the excellence and efficiency of their entrepreneurial ecosystems. Beehive core mission is then coherent with the last trends of the European Commission Industry Strategy since the presence of entrepreneurial education offer and services in academia environments will contribute to reinforce the linkages between information technology last innovations, business actors and academic research representatives.

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