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Computational Thinking and Creativity in K-6 Education

ABSTRACT. Nowadays, computational thinking (CT) and creativity are concerned as core competences in the 21st century for everyone who wants to take a career and work in the ever-evolving digital society. This study presents a systematic literature review (2006-2018) aiming to highlight teaching practices and learning frameworks used to support the development of both computational and creative thinking skills of primary level education students. Over the last years, there is a trend for these competences to be conceived as complementary and synergetic abilities and approaches which should be delivered and promoted together in order to train students to be problem solvers and critical thinkers, by understanding and using the digital technology provided creatively. Since only four solid empirical studies have been found relevant to K‐6 education, the efforts made to combine these two thinking skills into teaching practice are still in infancy. The learning frameworks involved students mainly in game programming activities, as well as in programming activities related to art education where students should make use of technological resources, sensor cards and minicomputers. Limitations and recommendations for future research are also provided.

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