Towards a pedagogically sound research framework for e-learning in higher education

This paper examines the use and application of e-learning in the Higher Education (HE) domain. In particular it takes a fresh look at the pedagogical issues and broader research issues surrounding the implementation of e-learning into HE. It summarises current issues relating to e-learning research. A core component of this paper lies in exploring the relationship between e-learning and pedagogy.
The area of pedagogy is introduced and its relevance to the field of e-learning examined. In summary, the paper endeavors to determine whether or not current e-learning research is sensitive of incorporating a pedagogical approach in the designing/implementing phases of e-learning applications. It is hoped to throw light on the question whether or not there is a gap between e-learning and pedagogy and if it is being bridged? Finally, this paper culminates in a pedagogically constructed model for e-learning designed by the author.

Article originally published in: Proceedings of World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications 2006, Chesapeake, VA, AACE, pp. 1708-1715. Reprinted with permission.

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