Transforming higher education in Lesotho through Open and Distance Learning: issues and challenges

This article presents the case of two higher education institutions in Lesotho, the National University of Lesotho and the Lesotho College of Education which are by definition operating as dual mode institutions. While their efforts at opening more access to higher education are commendable, these are falling short of meeting the current demand. Distance education challenges inherent in this kind of arrangement are well documented. These include among others the lower level status accorded the distance education units within the traditional systems. This has led to unequal treatment in terms of resource allocation and treatment of both the staff and students.
This paper proposes that their efforts can be transformed through promoting a culture of open and distance method, where the leadership, the academic, the administrative and the government embrace ODL. The issues and challenges that need to be confronted are explored.

Revised version of paper presented at the conference Developing a common platform for global co-operation – GUIDE2006, Rome, 13-14 February 2006.

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